Side A

1. By And By
2. Who Was I?
3. Could’ve It Been Me?
4. Come Tomorrow 
5. Feel Like A Child

Side B

6. Bound To Lose
7. Sugarglider
8. Nobody
9. Lady Pain
10. Mope Opera

Well if you’ve been around lately, you already know how excited we are to be releasing the debut album from Canadian pop extraordinair, Renny WilsonSugarglider is filled with expertly crafted soft-rockesque pop tunes, filled with airy vocals, perfectly sexy rhythms, and when you’re lucky, even some mind-blowing saxophone. As a native Edmontonian, we’ve seen what a day in the life of Renny would be like, but I can tell you that if living in Edmonton, Alberta is anything like this record sounds, you can sign me up!

Sugarglider is now available for purchase. And as you can see from the pictures above, they come on a beautiful rouge tape, complete with the faceless artwork that you could easily transpose your face and the face of someone you’ve been admiring from afar on. Go get it now, while you still can!!



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